The 3rd PHOCOS - the Photo Contest of SUN

The 3rd PHOCOS - the Photo Contest of SUN

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The 3rd PHOCOS [the Photo Contest of SUN (Silk-road Universities Network)] is now open for application. As decided in the last year’s award ceremony, the theme of the 3rd PHOCOS is “Masks and People along the Silk Road” Any students of the universities which are member institutions of SUN can apply. The application deadline is May 31th, 2018. The maximum number of photos for application is five per applicant. The recipient of the Grand Prize will be invited to the award ceremony which will be held at Venice, Italy on September 1st, 2018 with a full payment of the expenses for participation by SUN (i.e., round-trip air ticket, accommodations, meals, and culture tour of the city). The recipient of the Grand Prize will be given a privilege to participate as an observer in all the programs prepared for the General Assembly of SUN to be held from August 29th till September 1st. Please refer to our website ( for further information regarding this event.

If you have any requirements please contact Mr. Taejong Oh who works at the SUN Secretariat as Principal Coordinator of PHOCOS (
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